With a long useful life, CIDELSA’s Tensile Structures also characterize by their flame-retardant properties, UV ray’s protection and for its effective behavior in case of earthquakes.

First installed more than 40 years ago in Europe they are still in use thanks to their high strength, special coatings and a regular maintenance plan, guaranteeing decades of useful life, even under the most extreme climatic conditions.

The liners protecting the scrim also help increasing the levels of effectiveness of the special characteristics of the membrane, such as resistance to mold and to change of color by pigmentation, thus avoiding deterioration. With regard to their behavior in case of fire, they are flame retardant, leak proof and retard the action of fire, allowing fast control in case of potential loss.

In case of earthquakes, due to how light and flexible they are, Textile Structures do not develop significant acceleration forces, managing to reduce risks and ensuring the integrity of the building.

Finally, as part of our quality control process, in CIDELSA we make sure that our membranes are subjected to rigorous tests of resistance, from raw material to final product; this is key for ensuring the permanence of our works over time.

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