Unique in its kind, the Impala Peru minerals warehouse, -owned by multinational company Trafigura,- stands out for its large size, design and storage capacity, but, above all, for the technology used in its construction: an innovative Tensile Structures system that allows incoming natural light saving in maintenance and with great flexibility to cope with telluric movements.

With a total area of 130 thousand m2 and located in the vicinity of the Port of Callao, the gigantic Impala Peru warehouse, considered the largest roofed minerals warehouse in the world, required an investment of 30 million dollars and about two years of hard work led by a technical team of CIDELSA; this team was in charge of the design and assembly of this imposing structure on a global scale.

So, thanks to a technical and commercial approach capable of responding to this huge challenge of covering an area the size of 5 football stadiums, Cidelsa demonstrated its extensive experience in dealing with this type of industrial works, delivering to the client a safe product, on time and making significant savings in the installation.

Thus, the construction of this modern warehouse meant saving 15% in the investment compared to other existing solutions in the market, for they use more materials, more labor and demand a longer time of execution. In contrast, delivery time of Tensile Structures is shorter, allow for brighter light, and maintenance is minimal; it has superior versatility resulting in a high-quality standard product with seismic resistant characteristics.

With a capacity to store 60% of the ore concentrate from the center of the country, the cover for this huge warehouse weighs 25% less than other materials. It is also ultraflexible, a property that allows to easily dissipate the energy of telluric movements. It also allows in 70% of sunlight, thus reducing electric power consumption from using artificial lighting in the daytime. Also, it prevents the entry of ultraviolet rays, ensuring a comfortable working space with a suitable temperature.


Finally, while the roofing stands out because of its size and aesthetics, it also stands out for offering the highest technology in the country, as it is highly functional for controlling pollution, withstanding earthquakes, self-extinguishing in case of fire, and providing safety and comfort to the workers.

Because of this and other Works, CIDELSA has positioned itself as the leading company in the Tensile Structures industry in South America and is looking to expand its leadership to countries such as Mexico and USA.

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