Considered an extremely important investment, the construction of a shopping mall not only requires good engineering, but also of good materials. Accordingly, CIDELSA’s Tensile Structures are the best alternative when it comes to finding an efficient versatile architectural solution and at a competitive price.

Relying on the technical support of CIDELSA and on its quality materials the Mega Plaza shopping malls offer a versatile, modern and functional architectural approach which features, in the case of Mega Plaza Villa El Salvador, are also accomplished thanks to CIDELSA’s Tensile Structure and which, according to Construction Sub-manager of Mega Plaza, Benjamin Montañez, substantially improve the architectural proposal of a commercial building, mainly due to its versatility. And, the issue is that shopping malls often have open areas with bright lighting that need to be covered, and that is where Tensile Structures become the most efficient option.

“Tensile Structures are much more versatile than other solutions because their design adjusts to any area needed to be covered. Also, the existing structures can be used as support and the assembly can be carried out while the areas are in operation,” Montañez claimed, also noting that maintenance of these materials is very simple since they only require proper cleaning according to the type of membrane.

As far as CIDELSA’s support is concerned, Construction Sub-manager of Mega Plaza assured that CIDELSA always represents the best technical and economic proposal for any requirements. Therefore, CIDELSA far exceeds the supply of its competitors. Added to, of course, experience and technical support to ensure the success of your projects.

“CIDELSA always provides design solutions that adjust to the architectural concept of our commercial centers. Also, CIDELSA ‘s response is fast and reliable. And the building processes used by CIDELSA allow us to continue normal operations during the construction period. In that regard, our experience has been really good. CIDELSA always meets its deadlines and the quality offered. And the value they bring translates into compliance with our requirements with a less per m2 cost than other solutions,” remarked Montañez.

Finally, Montañez claimed that, to date, CIDELSA has installed Tensile Structures in seven shopping malls. Works in which the purpose was to cover large areas to solve the solar radiation and minor rainfall issues on the coast. “With the support of Cidelsa we have managed to fulfill these objectives with a reasonable investment,” he said.


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