We help architecs and designers in their disegn proposals.

Are you considering a textile cover approach in your next project? We will gladly share our experience and provide you with comprehensive solutions.

Working on the integration of quality materials and the application of the most advanced thecnology, we managed to provide solutions to the ideas of many clients, through schematics fixing details, environmental benefits and ease in the execute process.

The possibility of making viable the initial concepts and ideas of our clients to generate enveloping buildings, allows us to contribute with our guidance and orientation towards the best options in their project, prioritizing eco-friendly and technical benefits, optimizing materials, achieving large illuminated covered spaces of easy assembly


Our main objective is to make true the cover design that our client has projected.

CIDELSA has more than 50 years of experience in the integral development of projects: design, development and execution. A pioneer in the textile architecture sector in Latin America, it developed the first tensile structure in 1991. CIDELSA currently has executed projects in PERU, CHILE, ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, ARGENTINA, and CENTRAL AMERICA, with many future projections and assuming new challenges, thanks to its high-tech support and the experience of its professionals and technicians.



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Asesoría de Diseño de Fachadas

Conceptualización y factibilidad estructural

Ingeniería de detalle

Desarrollo de membrana y estructura metálica


Membrana, componentes estructurales principales y complementarios


Gestión de proyecto

Desde la adjudicación de obra hasta la entrega al cliente


Post – Venta

Materials we use in our covers

Innovation and versatility in covers materials


PVC is a synthetic sheet based on polyvinyl chloride with an internal structure of PVC-coated prestressed polyester threads.


PTFE, polytetrafluoroethylene, is a material with an internal structure of fiberglass and a PTFE coating


ETFE is a type of thermoplastic polymer, ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene in the form of a transparent sheet that has a variety of shades and printed designs that allow to calibrate the environmental factors of a space.


We develop membrane covers projects for commercial, residential and large-scale establishments.

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