La Libertad, Peru

Archaeological Complex El Brujo Huaca de Cao

Located in the Department of La Libertad, La Huaca is covered by a trapezoidal floor plan Tensile Structure, with a large double curvature membrane, 75 m long by 45 wide; it is strained in the center by wires toward a series of perimeter columns, which discharge tension onto the ground through wind wires.

We were commissioned to replace the existing cover, respecting all aspects of the design, and solving water leakage issues both indoors and around the perimeter. In the development process the geometry of the surface, details, and the existing clamping elements were improved.

Upon assessing all structural components it was found that they were notoriously deteriorated; we chose to replace not only the cover but all the structural system.

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AREA2,271.00 m2

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CLIENTFundación Augusto N.Wiese

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