Santiago de Chile, Chile

Intermodal del Sol Station

This is the last station of Line 5, an intermodal interconnection between the underground metro and the bus system.

The cover to be designed was to protect the user as from departure in the bus up to the entrance of the station; on the surface, the project only contemplated some small kiosks and a large open space. The challenge was to maintain the shape of the plant. Taking as reference the original design, it was projected on an irregular platform outlined by the thirteen stops comprising the same. After considering a few alternatives it was finally decided to work with circular arches.

Our challenge was to achieve a suitable proportion between the height and light of the transverse arches to the irregular development of the architectural plan; also, few supports were proposed to achieve a more open space; making them of reinforced concrete placed every twenty meters and the light of the arches changed between five and thirty meters.

Special attention was given to the design of reinforced concrete columns, making them as sculptures. These columns have four arms from where cantilever beams and arches stem, and from the top a head emerges that is connected through a backbone (main arch) up to the opposing column.

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AREA3,224.00 m2

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CLIENTConstructora Internacional S.A.

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