Santiago de Chile, Chile

Las Parcelas Station

This project was led by Burmeister Arquitectos Consultores (BAC), which office commissioned us to take care of the cover for Metro stations: Laguna Sur, Las Parcelas and Monte Tabor; at first, this was projected based on a sequence of reinforced glass covered rectangular steel frames forming an irregular profile along the platform.

After analyzing some options two alternatives were raised; the first was based on a half rectangular frame over the already existing frame, rotating the rest throughout the station; the result was a twisted volume that increased the irregular nature initially proposed making it volumetrically more attractive.

The second alternative was an ellipse outlined on the rectangular frame and the sequence was created giving it a twist and alternating it in each of the existing frames.

The second alternative was chosen as the solution for Monte Tabor and Las Parcelas stations; for Laguna Sur station, the ellipses were left in a horizontal position, simplifying the cover.

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AREA2,251.00 m2

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