Lima, Peru

Peruvian National Stadium

The initial idea of the project, in charge of Arch. Jose Bentin Diez Canseco, was a horizontal surface covering; this shape involved placing a series of beams to avoid cover-bagging. Considering this condition, the approach to resolve the surface was a double curvature membrane, covering the need for additional metal structure; the main beams were  maintained as a membrane suspension support.

124 radial geometry and rectangular independent modules were proposed, depending on their position. Their reference dimensions are 5m. between axles and 25m. cantilever.

Each module comprises 2 metal beams, the membrane, and a straining wire which, in turn creates an inverted conical surface. This geometry eases rain water drainage as well as periodic maintenance, with the support of 2 membrane posts, connected with 3" PCV pipes and these, in turn connected with the main drainage network.

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AREA20,745.00 m2

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CLIENTConsorcio José Díaz

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