The La Serrezuela roof designed by CIDELSA is an bioclimatic solution adaptable to extreme tropical conditions. Its thermoplastic and color characteristics guarantee a thermoplastic thermal performance (low conductivity, high reflectivity and low emissivity) that contributes to the thermal comfort. According to monitoring results, once the work is finished:

  1. In the surface temperature, the PVC textile covering presented 37.6° C under conditions of high solar radiation and outdor temperatures higher than 32 ° C.
  2. The temperature of the interior face registered 33.1° C, meaning a reduction of 4.5 ° C with respect to the register of the exterior face, definitely affecting the internal comfort conditions based on the effect of radiant temperature from the roof.
  3. In relation to the double-deck system with an air cushion and the ventilation by thermal and dynamic effect of lower openings, a final operating temperature of 29° C is achieved, which is within the adaptive comfort range under the conditions of Cartagena.

According to the results of the analysis, the Cidelsa’s double-layer system decission is justified, since energy savings are 100% in relation to the use of HVCA, guaranteeing thermal comfort, natural lighting and compliance with the requirements of bioclimatic design at the same time.

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