The development of the Tensile Structure on the Central Plaza of La Serrezuela entrusted to CIDELSA has been carried out overcoming, among others, the challenge of maintaining the original architecture of the project.

The structure is made up of 14 metal columns anchored on the respective wooden columns of approximately 20 m. high, these metal columns maintain their position according to the radial pattern of the existing building; A cantilevered lattice girder is born from each column and converges in a central ring of 12.50 m. in diameter. These circular beams are supported by concentric circular joists.

On the central ring, 2 semicircular gates, with mobile and synchronized opening / closing were designed, a mechanism that provides comfort to the interior space, in different climatic conditions, allowing very good ventilation on days of intense heat and protection in the rainy season. The actuation of the gates is semi-automatic, it is controlled by a PLC that sends the instructions to the oil-hydraulic and mechanical system to start the movement besides controlling the displacement sensors, speed parameters, times and system load.

The textile cover was composed of two different materials: PVC and ETFE. The perimeter surface was worked in a double layer of PVC, on the outside with 4 translucent white waterproof membrane cloths and on the inside, as a ceiling, with gray micro-perforated mesh.

The mobile cover, in its two gates, was worked with a 250μm thick ETFE sheet in one layer; the transparency of the material allows to provide great luminosity to the interior of the Plaza.

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