Lima, Peru

Pier One

In 1991, CIDELSA built the first Tensile Structure in Latin America, using in an innovative, bold and creative manner a growing technology in Europe, Asia and the United States.

The project comprised a covered area of 1700 m² and was initially made for a restaurant at Feria del Hogar (Homegoods Exhibition); some time later it was moved to a permanent site on the Costa Verde, taking advantage of the infrastructure for major musical events.

This site was always impacted by adverse weather conditions, such as: humidity, strong winds, high exposure to UV rays, saltpeter, etc., until it was moved, 15 years later, to the esplanade of the National Museum, in which year the membrane was replaced to keep on using it as a site for multiple events, now kwon as "El Vertice del Museo de la Nación".

The initial design contemplated 16 radial modules, using as load-bearing elements 16 perimeter columns and 01 central column; 16 load-bearing wires (catenaries) and 16 straining wires (valleys).

The membrane rests on the load-bearing wires to where its efforts are transmitted; these efforts in turn are transferred to the center and perimeter columns and then to the ground through the straining wires, which in turn work as stabilizers of the entire structural configuration.

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AREA1,600.00 m2

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