Temuco, Chile

Pablo Neruda National Railway Museum

Started being built in 1929, it is recognized as a national monument in Chile since 1989. It is currently part of the Pablo Neruda Railway Museum, opened in 2004. The textile cover is part of the comprehensive recovery plan of the building.

The building remodeling project was commissioned to Architectural Firm Chauriye Stäger Arquitectos, with whom we worked in the design and development of the textile cover since the year 2009.

At first, the purpose of the Firm was to make a cover as flat as possible on the outside and a convex ceiling, however, certain changes were made to prevent water or snow pooling. The height of the dome had to be raised but making sure that it looked flat to the pedestrians.

To complement these changes, by 2016 it is suggested that the intermediate beams and convex ceiling be removed; this convex ceiling is replaced by a concave one to reduce the web of the beams. To resolve the textile surface (and reduce the straining that this applies on the metallic structure) concentric arches are outlined supported on the main beams. Thus, the double curvature surface is created as final approach.

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AREA4,988.00 m2

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