Tensile Architecture

Taylormade project solutions for textile covers, facades and more.

CIDELSA has more than 55 years of experience in the comprehensive development of projects: Design, development, and delivery. Pioneer in the textile architecture in Latin America, it developed the first Tensile Structure in 1991.

To this date, CIDELSA has completed projects in PERU, CHILE, ECUADOR, COLOMBIA, ARGENTINA, and CENTRAL AMERICA, with projections to the future and undertaking new challenges thanks to high technology support and the vast experience of the professionals and technicians that comprise it.

About Cidelsa

Pioneer in textile architecture in America
with more than 55 years of experience
in the comprehensive development of projects

Why work with Cidelsa?

Our differential proposal is made up of metallic support structures and light membranes made of revolutionary materials such as:


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Tensile structureDesign Solutions


ETFE Membrane designed to withstand both corrosion and a wide operating temperature range.


The PVC membrane is a cost-effective alternative to traditional ceiling systems and can be produced in a wide range of colors.


PTFE Membrane is resistance to inclement weather, fireproof and with superior durability provide an excellent design solution.

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Cidelsa'sAchievements and prizes

IFAI prize 2015. Outstanding Achievement

Cidelsa received the IAA Award in Tensile Structures for Canopies Category, for its work: Corbel of Hotel Casa Andina in Pucallpa, Peru.

IFAI prize 2017. Outstanding Achievement

Cidelsa received the excellence award for its work in the British Peruvian College in the category of Framework Supported Structures.

IFAI prize 2017. Outstanding Achievement

Impala Terminals Mineral Warehouse was awarded the highest prize being the TOP WINNER of Tensile Structures. Recognized as the world’s largest mineral warehouse covered by Tensile Structures.

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