Tensile Structures for Facades

Design your next project with a textile facade and take advantage of its benefits.

Cidelsa’s textile facades act as bioclimatic components in buildings, as they improve thermal conditions inside the building and provide comfort to users. 

Lower energy consumption: the translucency of the membrane allows the passage of natural light and reduces the need for artificial lighting, additionally the white membranes with BO treatment reflect the heat towards the atmosphere. We use a double layer of membrane and insulation systems which can provide thermal and acoustic benefits to the system. In addition, opaque membranes (BO) reduce the incidence of heat in the interior space.

Tensile Architecture benefits

Textile facades are the
best option to save costs

  • Reduces the use of air conditioning, blocks up to 78% of solar heat.
  • Low maintenance, only cleaning required. Minimizing the expense of maintenance and repairs to the facade due to water leaks, fissures, cracks or dirt.
  • Reduces the consumption of artificial light during daylight hours.

In what projects can you use a textile facade?

Textile facades
are very versatile and can be used in new projects or renovations

  • Unlimited potential in shapes and colors
  • Attractive and harmonious composition
  • It allows the generation of large covered spaces
  • Amplifies and maximizes visibility in covered spaces

*Partner Calificado FTI.


*Partner Calificado FTI.

Why you should use textile facades?

Reduced assembly time, custom print designs and
they are Eco-friendly

  • Life cycle analysis and less environmental impact, reduces the carbon footprint.
  • We use recyclable materials, follows the sustainability guidelines.
  • Compatible with environmental certifications, it contributes points in the LEED certification.
  • There is a return on the investment of the facade, which translates into lower electrical energy consumption of the project, due to less use of air conditioning.

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Materials we use for textile structures


PVC, is a synthetic sheet based on polyvinyl chloride with an inner prestressed PVC-coated polyester yarns structure. It is very durable and comes as membrane or as a mesh.


PTFE -polytetrafluoroethylene-, is a glass fiber inner structure with PTFE coating. Superior resistance to inclement weather, fireproof and superior durability for decades. Can be used as membrane or as a mesh.


ETFE is a type of thermoplastic polymer; ethylene tetrafluoroethylene in the form of translucent polymer sheeting that comes in a variety of tones and printed designs that allow calibrating the environmental factors of a space.

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