Materials for tensile structures

Membranes, Meshes of PVC and PTFE. ETFE Films and Cushions.

The technical development achieved in the research and manufacture of synthetic materials such as PVC, PTFE and ETFE has led us to obtain light membranes with better properties: resistance to tensile and shear stresses, improved chemical resistance (resistance to ultraviolet rays, among others), with a variety of percentages of translucency and opacity, as well as a variety of mesh colors for solutions in shaded environments.

Our quality control laboratory makes it easy for us to test materials, geometry, joints and finishes of product patterns.

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ETFE Membrane designed to withstand both corrosion and a wide operating temperature range.


The PVC membrane is a cost-effective alternative to traditional ceiling systems and can be produced in a wide range of colors.


PTFE Membrane is resistance to inclement weather, fireproof and with superior durability provide an excellent design solution.

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