Tensile Structures for Roof Covers

Customized design service for tensile membrane covers made with PVC, ETFE and PTFE membranes.

We make your concepts and ideas viable to produce high quality tensile roof covers. Please allows us to contribute with our counselling and orientation to the best options for your project, we will achieve technical eco-friendly benefits, optimization of materials, efficiency in illumination costs and ease of assembly.

Tensile Architecture

Are you considering a
textile roof cover
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Why work with tensile roofs?

PTFE, ETFE and PVC roofs
offer more benefitscompared to conventional roofs

Optimized energy saving, it does not require electricity consumption during daylight hours.

Ease of cleaning and maintenance. Textile roof does not rust.

Excellent response to earthquakes, due to its lightness and flexibility.

Save costs by a more optimized structure for your project. Tensile structures does not require middle supports.

Attenuates echo and reverb effects.


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Materials we use for textile structures


PVC, is a synthetic sheet based on polyvinyl chloride with an inner prestressed PVC-coated polyester yarns structure. It is very durable and comes as membrane or as a mesh.


PTFE -polytetrafluoroethylene-, is a glass fiber inner structure with PTFE coating. Superior resistance to inclement weather, fireproof and superior durability for decades. Can be used as membrane or as a mesh.


ETFE is a type of thermoplastic polymer; ethylene tetrafluoroethylene in the form of translucent polymer sheeting that comes in a variety of tones and printed designs that allow calibrating the environmental factors of a space.

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