Temuco, Chile

German Becker Municipal Stadium

In their initial proposal the architects in charge of the project, Sergio Pereira and Roberto Madrid, proposed a laminated wood cover and, with time running short and the need for an expeditious building process, they chose membranes as a solution to these condition and decided to use our advisory for the designing process.

The cover comprises 62 radial modules in the vertices and rectangular in the straight sections; the structural configuration comprises metal columns attached to the concrete columns, with flat 18m reticulated sections trusses and a central ring with a V-shaped reticule in each module. This grid allows defining the membrane in double curvature with a valley that is born at the bottom of the V and ends in the external perimeter beam at the same upper level of the beams in cantilever.

With the slope of the valley towards the perimeter and a trough over it, surface water discharge from the cover is solved.

With regard to the side enclosures, their structure is also metal columns supporting the cover and the beams of the outer edge of the roof. Each module has a straining wire, transferring tension through the wires anchored in the concrete columns, forming in turn flexible ogival-shaped edges.


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AREA18,500.00 m2

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CLIENTSocovesa Ingenieria y Construcciones S.A.

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