Built as a bullring in 1893 and later as a Circo Teatro in 1908, La Serrezuela has been part of the historic center of Cartagena de Indias since the 1990s. Today, it is a space where history and art are present in all its composition When Promotera A. Cohen decided to restore this national monument, extensive work was done to maintain the original design. In this way, construction materials such as wood, concrete and metal were meticulously worked to resemble the old square as much as possible, and to maintain the harmony with the rest of the city.

The roof of La Serrezuela had to be worked with extreme care since it had to recreate the original roof of the square and, at the same time, adapt it for its new function as a Cultural and Commercial Center. To achive this purpose, two fundamental aspects were taken into consideration: not to exceed 5 floors of construction and not to exceed the level of the wall in height. With these parameters and the condition to use wood as the main structure of the building, Cidelsa proposed a cover with textile material. A perimeter of PVC membrane and a ceiling with PVC mesh, and a central square with a transparent mobile cover with ETFE. When the mobile structure opens, it reminds us of the original square. The solution as a whole manages to maintain a indoors climatic and visual comfort, without being affected by the high external temperature.

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